Authors notes

When my family and I moved to Myrholm in 1988, - we soon  found out that an allied plane had crash landed just outside our house during WWII.

I always had the idea to find out the real history about the crash, and also who the crew were, - and if they were still alive, so many years after. I never took the steps to find out, until a man stopped in my yard in 1999. His name was Mogens Dyre, he was looking for the site where a B17 had crash landed. He was in contact with the crew in US, and was planning a reunion here in Denmark in the near future. Soon after this my family and I became deeply involved in planning the Reunion day on the 24th of May 2001.

I hope this homepage will help to tell the true story of  "Stormy Weather", - the crew and the crash in 1944. If you have something to add to what I have written, or you have comments about the site, please contact me.

Thanks to Kevin Blythe, Gunnar Hounsgard, Ken Harbour, Jing Jeppesen and everybody else who helped me making this homepage

 I would also like to dedicate this homepage  to all the allied aircrew that paid the ultimate sacrifice in the fight for freedom and democracy during the Second World War, in the hope that they will never be forgotten.

Yours sincerely

Leo Bram


Stenkobbel  5

6440 Augustenborg